SMASH IT is a programme for Māori and Pasifika peoples who aspire to be in business, or who are in business and want business growth. Our programme is an initiative which aims to educate, mentor and motivate our people through entrepreneurship.


The SMASH IT programme is focused to seeing you take your idea and turn it into a reality. Our team at Stay Connected make this possible by sharing our lived experience, knowledge, technology and hands on approach to business. We strive to be a resource for business development and growth.


This SMASH IT programme is designed to accelerate Māori and Pasifika people into business through the access to information, connections, mentorship and possible finance opportunities. This programme is suitable for anyone in any stage of business, For those just getting started, to those in business for decades, there are resources and opportunities to grow and learn on our SMASH IT programme. We will improve the lives of our people through entrepreneurship.

Why this Programme

Developed in consultation with business owners, mentors and startup experts SMASH IT is an informative 'first step' programme to prepare new business owners mentally and emotionally for the business building journey.

  • Decide if starting a business is for you

  • Find, assess and test new business ideas

  • Learn modern business startup methodology

  • Turn your idea into an actionable business model fast

  • Reduce risk and avoid common first-time business mistakes

  • Learn about funding, team building and key marketing principles

  • Learn from real entrepreneurs and startup experts

  • Build confidence to make your business a reality

Register your interest for this programme

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