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We believe our people have so many talents. We provide the services to assist our people on their entrepreneurial journey. Our priority is our commitment to our people in offering relevant services, advice, business tools, strategies and lived experienced to assist our people on their business journey. Reach out to us to see how we can support.


Ensuring the future growth of your business rests upon crafting a strategy that will see you realise success in an ever more digital world. It’s a monumental challenge, even for the most technically savvy organisations.


Gaining an understanding of the ever-changing field of digital technology is difficult. Applying that understanding to your own business, in order to identify how these technologies could affect or enhance it, is an even greater challenge. But it’s one that you needn’t face alone

wānanga and workshops

Growing and evolving your business in an ever smaller and more competitive world is difficult. You need to understand the ways in which your business can get ahead, the role of technology in capitalising upon these opportunities, and the areas of risk and weakness that need to be addressed before such growth and development is considered. But these challenges needn’t be faced alone.


To someone who doesn’t deal in it regularly, digital technology can feel like an imposing subject. Nonetheless, the health and ongoing success of your business increasingly rests upon your ability to capitalise on new technologies and ways of working. The question then is how do you begin to understand which solutions are right for you?


No matter the size of your business, the industry it’s in, or the growth stage it’s at, there’s always an opportunity to do better, to be better. Whatever you envision as the future of your business, seeking the guidance of someone experienced can prove invaluable. Enter business mentorship


We are constantly connecting with organisations and business owners who have services that can assist you in your business. Reach out to us.

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"I love Jamie's drive to help others achieve their goals. Connecting to StayConnected has made things possible"

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